Violent Revolution!

(To the Dems -- words: D. Delmar Davis -- The following is sung to the battle hym or the republic. Or you can sing along with us.)

John Kerrys Balls are Rolling on the senate floor.

He used to fight for peace but now hes all about the war.

and Most of use are wondering who the hell hes working for

So we aint gonna vote no more.


Give me violent revolution

Bloody Violent Revolution

Give me violent revolution

Or some thing worth voting for


Al Gore for shore was such a bore he had no balls about.

And still the majority said no we want the fascists out

With millions disenfranchised our votes didnt even count

So we aint gonna vote no more.


The last time we were theis afraid they sang us songs of hope

With Rock and Roll and Saxiphones and Students smoking dope.

And though I swallowed hard and compromised Its hard to cope.

So I aint gonna vote no more!!