Lt Cain

(--words: D Delmar Davis music:Busholini; for Lt Cain USMC)

When we were studying the insane policies.

And all of those who died from [=McNamera's=] lies.

You know we haven't learned, the lessons of the past!

And knowing what we know, my freind how can you serve?


Hey Say Hey Lt Cain!

Which way is down range today

Say Hey! Lt Cain.

Who you sickin the boys on today? / Who's children you takin' today?

Say Hey! Lt Cain!

Hey. Lt Cain!


Well is it for the oil? Or for the USA?

In this unending war waged against everyone.

You know we havent learned, the lessons of the past.

And how long will it be till you aim back this way?