Interest on the Debt

(For the [=WristRockets=] -- words: D. Delmar Davis, Music:Busholini)

When we were young we wanted everything but we paid our bills on time,

So when we went into the studio we financed it through [=CitiBank=].

3 [=CDs=] and 4 years later and we haven't made a dime.

We're to drunk to play well with nothing to show but the interest on the debt.


So buy me a beer!

'Cause if you give me any money

It'll only go to [=CitiBank=]

Where it wont help!

Dig me out of this hole/hell that I'm in

It's just interest on the debt.

Wanna borrow more and quit my job and open up a record store.

So I need that extra four an hour

to keep my good name with [=CitiBank=]

My rent is due

My car is broke

and my new band wants me to pitch more

Like a ball and chain I drag around the interest on the debt.